Co-therapy for Couples Co-therapy for Couples Bringing Your Marriage Back Together! Couples co-therapy is one of the best options for couples counseling because it brings all the benefits of the male and female perspectives and personalities together.  The benefits received from co-therapy for couples are: 1. Unbiased perspective 2. Quicker recovery rate 3. Better understanding of each spouse 4. Therapist who is on your team 5. Solutions that work for both you and your spouse   All co therapy services are confidential and can be done in person or via phone or Skype.  Rate is $124/hr.
Getting Deep: Have a Truly Intimate Marriage Caving Marriage Encounter -- Located in Colorado Springs, CO -- This caving marriage encounter will take you and your spouse into a deeper, closer, and more intimate relationship. As you trek through new territory together, you will both begin to overcome your fears, grow your relational bond, and strengthen your trust in one another!
Go the Distance: Have a Relationship that Lasts a Lifetime Hiking Marriage Encounter -- Located in Colorado Springs, CO -- This hiking marriage encounter will equip you and your spouse to "go the distance" and have a marriage that lasts a lifetime. We will guide you through the ups and downs of life and give you a new  perspective on your marriage, so you and your spouse will make it to the finish line!

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An unforgettable marriage experience!

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The Rock Your Marriage team is founded by Jordan Hall to help solidify marital relationships. Jordan Hall, MA is a Colorado psychotherapist and our founder. Get your free consultation now! Call (719) 362-0796.

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A free step-by-step guide to help you solidify your relationship in 7 days, right from your own home.

ROCK YOUR MARRIAGE : Solidifying Relationships

Why Choose Rock Your Marriage?

We are a  Christian marriage counseling organization located in beautiful Colorado Springs, CO, that is devoted to guiding couples from all walks of life to having deeper, more fulfilling, and more intimate relationships.  We are committed to solidifying relationships through Christian marriage retreats, marriage intensives, Christian marriage counseling and our unique and engaging marriage encounters.  Couples from around the world come to experience our Christian marriage retreats, marriage intensives, and marriage counseling in Colorado Springs, but we also extend our services to them through our Phone Counseling Services and Online Therapy.  


We have revolutionized Christian marriage counseling by blending professional marriage counseling techniques and the foundational biblical principles of mutual love and respect with interactive experiences.  At Rock Your Marriage, you and your spouse don't simply get get an experience!  It is this interactive marriage counseling philosophy, along with a naturally conducive Christian marriage counseling environment that makes our Colorado marriage retreats and marriage intensives truly transformational.  All of our Christian marriage counseling services are uniquely designed to help couples increase intimacy, build trust, improve communication, and create lasting memories.  We offer the following services:

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Today most marriages are not what they could be, and the divorce trend is troubling. Traditional Christian marriage counseling assists couples with some of the problems they face but not all - some people need to experience the change they hope for rather than just talk about it - this is why our Christian marriage retreats and marriage intensives are so helpful.  At Rock Your Marriage we strive to strengthen as many marriages as possible to ultimately better our society!


Social science research, reason, and life-experience all tell us that who we are is in part due to our experiences.  In other Christian marriage retreats or Christian marriage counseling programs, you will primarily engage one of your senses--your auditory sense.  However, with Rock Your Marriage, you and your significant other will engage all your senses (sight, hearing, touch, taste, and smell).  Come experience the difference with Rock Your Marriage!

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Rock Your Marriage Retreats and Marriage Intensives and Marriage Counseling in Colorado Springs.

What People Are Saying

"The one on one time and special care that Jordan took with each of us was invaluable, and the entire first day was a learning experience that we'll never forget." - Will & Katie, TX

"I wanted to thank you very much for being supportive from the first time I emailed you.  Your phone consultation gave me a feeling of hope that I have not had for a long time." - Dan & Jenn, CO

"As a couple, we enjoyed getting to practice being more open and romantic. It was fun to reignite our pursuit of each other and we realized that intentional small acts can pay great dividends in a marriage." - Joe & Ellen, CO

Rock Your Marriage Blog

The Business of Marriage

The very simple thing about running a business that many businesses miss is that doing it right means relating to people in the best way possible. It's about motivating their work ethic, rewarding their success, and improving their weakness; helping them invest part of their soul in your success.

Any successful businessman knows that accomplishing these goals are synonymous with accomplishing the mission of the organization. Without an investment into the people, everything will be called into question.

Marriage is like a business. The business of marriage exists to accomplish a mission.

That mission is relationship.

Read more... The Business of Marriage