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Free Consultation

We offer every couple a free 30 min consultation.

Free Consultation

The Marriage Challenge

7-steps to relational success every couple needs!

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About Us

Rock Your Marriage is an experiential marriage counseling organization that is devoted to solidifying relationships for couples around the world. We offer professional therapy for Colorado Springs residents and the surrounding area, along with intensive outpatient therapy for couples in crisis no matter where they may come from.  We want to see the tide of divorce turned in our nation and families around the world gain stability and longevity.  View our testimonials and read our About Us page to learn more.

We do things differently because it works!  We seek to not only give couples the counseling they need, but also the direct hands-on interaction and they need in order for them to actual practice the principles they need to implement in their marriage rather than simply discuss them.  This is why we go to great lengths to provide many different meaningful and powerful interactive experiences for couples, so that we can meet them where they are at and help them get to where they want to be!  Our methods are equalling engaging for both men and women, which is a huge advantage compared to traditional counseling.

With our counseling, retreats, and intensives, we help bring couples tremendous growth and a new relational foundation that they can continue to increase their connection and positivity through, and we give couples practical tools that empower them to engage each other in a loving and healthy manner.  We also teach couples how to use these tools effectively for their continued future success.  In addition, our parent organization Rock Your Family helps individuals and families toward similar outcomes.

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