Recently I read this article “Please Take Mom’s Picture Too” and it really hit home for me: I don’t take a lot of pictures of myself. I have hundreds of photos of my kids, both on my phone and on my computer. My husband has hundreds of photos of our kids, on his phone and on our computer. About every twenty pictures, there’s one of me with the kids or one of him with the kids. In addition to not having many photos of myself, I noticed that we have very few photos of us as a couple.

I am not sad to have so many photos of my children, I am glad that I have them. (Doing something with all of those photos is another story!) It does make me a little sad that we don’t have many pictures of my husband and me, together and individually.

Most of our photos are from our pre-kid years. (Many years have passed since then and we look a little different now.) We do have some photos together from our more formal family pictures that we take every year for Christmas cards. But somehow we’re absent from the photos that capture our everyday memories. What about you?

Inspired by the article I read and a Facebook friend’s New Year’s resolution of taking more pictures of herself, I’m going to encourage us all to do the same. Here are a few ideas I had on how to take more pictures of you and your spouse:

  • Set a quota together: This might sound over the top, but if you talk about your photo quota and keep each other accountable, you’ll be more likely to actually take the pictures. Once a week sounds reasonable to me and when the year is over, we’ll have 52 photos of us together, way more than we got last year!
  • Take some selfies: Every time you have a date night, snap some selfies. If you don’t own one yet, buy a selfie stick (like this one on Amazon) and keep it in your purse or in the car.
  • Ask someone else: If you’re not comfortable taking selfies, ask someone else, like the server where you’re dining, to snap a few pictures for you.
  • Engage your kids: My kids love taking pictures on my phone. They’re getting to the age where they can take decent pictures, so I’m going to ask them to take pictures of us more often.
  • Schedule annual photos: Yes, you might take family pictures once a year, but what if you went above and beyond and booked an annual couples photo session? This is a great idea to schedule around your anniversary.
  • Get prints: Once a month, send a few of your new pictures to be printed. Display them in a frame, on the refrigerator or a bulletin board.

Photos are such great ways to capture memories and celebrate relationships. Let’s become more intentional in 2016 about taking more pictures with our spouse. We’ll enjoy them and when our children are grown, they’ll enjoy having pictures of their parents.