It’s the end of 2020, we made it! It has definitely been a year to remember. It’s been a year full of change and adjustment. A year ago, we didn’t have the same everyday vocabulary we do now: social distancing, flattening the curve, unprecedented, uncertain.

While a lot of negative things have happened in the world, I think a gift of this year has been the opportunity to focus on what really matters. We’ve spent more time at home—learning, working, and playing.

But it’s not been easy, right? It has come with a lot of change.

Our relationships have had to adjust this year: extended family and friendships, yes, but also those with our spouse and our kids. We’ve rearranged and tweaked our spaces and schedules to accommodate everyone’s technology needs. We’ve had to be creative and innovative with gathering, celebrating, and spending time together.

As we prepare to leave 2020 behind and look ahead to 2021, it’s helpful for us to reflect over the past year and all we’ve been through. Make a coffee or dessert date with your spouse and chat through the following questions together:

  • What did we learn this year?
  • What did we grieve this year?
  • What specific things triggered us to feel lost, anxious, depressed, etc.?
  • What were some blessings we experienced?
  • What are some favorite memories of our time at home?
  • What shows, movies, books, or podcasts did we enjoy in 2020?
  • What opportunities did this COVID year provide?
  • What were the pain points in our marriage in 2020?
  • What needs more attention in our marriage and household going forward?
  • How did we grow personally and in our marriage this year?
  • How well do we do with spending intentional time together?
  • What dreams and hopes do we have for 2021?

Although we don’t know what 2021 will hold, we can be certain that God’s goodness and faithfulness endure. We cannot control much of what goes on in the world, but we can be intentional in our own corner of it. Let’s continue to pursue God, grow personally, and nurture our most important relationships, especially our marriages.

Wishing you and yours a Happy New Year!