Have you ever found that you and your spouse are like ships in the night, coming and going without any meaningful interaction? Or have you found that you’re acting more like roommates, putting up with each other and doing your own things?

I think we all have! There are seasons of life that get busy, schedules don’t always align, or we stop being intentional about working on our marriage because it’s easy. The answer to any of these situations is to start pursuing our spouse again.

This came naturally while we were dating or in the honeymoon phase of early marriage. We went out of our way to be romantic, spontaneous or playful with each other. We did special things for each other.

But as time passes, it’s easy to stop pursuing each other because it may not feel as necessary. It’s quite the contrary, it’s necessary and beneficial to a marriage when spouses continue pursuing each other!

One step is all it takes to getting your marriage back on track in this area. One small gesture—like setting up a date night, buying a gift, or initiating physical intimacy—can be all it takes to make a huge improvement in your marriage.

You can also pursue your spouse’s interests so that you can experience them together. Perhaps that’s watching the game with him or listening to her choice of music that’s not your preference. Being interested in what interests your spouse communicates your love to him/her.

As you pursue your spouse, they may reciprocate and that’s great! But they may not. Go in without any expectations. Be the one to step out in love even if your spouse doesn’t. Keep doing it over and over because you’re committed to making your marriage better.

It’s easy to just act like roommates and put up with each other, but God wants more for our marriages. We can view each day as an opportunity to serve each other in love and look for simple, yet special ways to pursue each other’s hearts.

What will you do today to pursue your spouse?