There are so many things that you and your spouse do for each other that go unnoticed or unappreciated. How would it change your marriage if you stopped to notice the things that your spouse does for you and your family? How would it encourage your spouse if you thanked him/her for all of those things?

There are so many tasks to be done at home to keep it running smoothly. We usually notice when something isn’t done and we’re sure to express our feelings about it. But we seldom say something when things are running smoothly. There are things that we do notice, but we choose not to express gratitude.

Marriage is teamwork and it’s important to know that your teammate supports you and appreciates you. Here are a few creative ideas to express thanks to your spouse:

  • Instead of focusing on what your spouse doesn’t do, choose to appreciate all that they do. When you add it all up, it’s probably more than you thought.
  • Make sure that you express gratitude with your words and your kindness every single day.
  • Put a note in his/her briefcase with thanks for working so hard to provide for your family.
  • Leave notes of love and appreciation in areas of household chores: the kitchen sink, the laundry basket, the lawn mower, the power tools, etc.
  • Openly thank and praise him/her for all they do in front of others, especially your children.
  • Remind each other of why you fell in love and the qualities that you cherish in each other.
  • Pray together and thank God for your spouse.
  • Give him/her a break once in a while and tackle some chores or errands that they normally take care of. Or better yet, give each other an entire day off for rest and relaxation.

We all need encouragement and appreciation. Let’s make it a point to openly and regularly thank our spouses for all that they are and do in our lives.