Establishing Family Traditions

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The Christmas season is such a wonderful time of year, isn’t it? There’s so much excitement, so many gatherings to attend, and so many people to see. Family traditions are lived out and it’s a … Read More

Three Gifts for Your Marriage

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This time of year is amazing and fun, but it also can be busy and overwhelming, right? Busy schedules, extra commitments, and things to do can be prime opportunities for miscommunication and conflict within a … Read More

Hold Your Tongue

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Have you ever said something to your spouse that you wished you wouldn’t have? Or have you ever said something your spouse you knew needed saying, but the timing wasn’t right? Of course you have, … Read More

Why You Do What You Do

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When we first got married, my husband used to tease me. Whether I was loading the dishwasher or making a sandwich, he’d giggle and say, “You do that just like your parents.” I would respond, … Read More

The Languages of Apology

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The languages of apology

I heard Dr. Gary Chapman on a podcast recently giving advice about marriage and family. One of the hosts, who raved about his book The Five Love Languages, asked him how to improve her relationship with … Read More

Complaints to Compliments

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complaints to compliments

Being married to someone means that you see the best side of them. It also means that you see the worst, and everything in between. Sometimes we keep track of the things our spouse does … Read More

Enjoy the Seasons of Marriage

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enjoy the seasons of marriage

Happy Summer! If you’ve been around here awhile, you might notice that I often refer to Dr. Gary Chapman’s books. They are so helpful in navigating relationships, aren’t they? In April’s post, I wrote about … Read More