Marriage Retreats and Intensives

We really appreciate your insight, wisdom, counsel, and advice.  We had a fabulous weekend to re-connect and spend quality time together amidst a very busy season…Thanks for what you did for us…!”
John, Marriage Retreat
I believe the marriage intensive was a very fruitful therapy, and definitely, it was a wonderful opportunity to give each other the gift of a new beginning to start rectifying our mutual mistakes…
Lisa, Marriage Intensive

Retreat Benefits

  • Closeness
  • Enhanced Communication
  • Quality Time
  • Relational Tools
  • Increased Passion
  • Lifelong Memories

Intensive Benefits

  • Enhanced Conflict Resolution Skills & Marital Communication
  • Increased Intimacy
  • Deeper Trust
  • Stronger Commitment & Quality Time
  • Sense of Peace, Joy, and Hope
  • Reconciliation & Resolution
  • New Lifelong Memories

Marriage Retreat Info

It’s so much more than a getaway.  Our Colorado marriage retreats are truly spectacular and one of a kind.  If you are looking to greatly enhance your marriage, while also having fun and creating lifelong memories, then you’ve found the right place!  We offer both private and group retreats.

Our retreats are unique because of the activities we offer and how we conduct these relational activities because everything we do is purposefully designed to build your marriage in specific and amazing ways.  Our technique is based off of experiential education and experiential counseling.  We believe that in order to deeply and intimately know something you must experience it.  In addition, our retreats are confidential and private for you and your spouse.  So schedule at your convenience and let us know which areas of your marriage you’re looking to intentionally grow; we’ll put together a retreat just for the two of you!

If you are in wanting a relational experience of a lifetime, then contact us today to sign up for your personalized marriage retreat.

Marriage Intensive Info

Deep connection.  Real trust.  Tenderness.  Intimacy.  These are all possible, and our team is ready to help you attain them.  Also, we want you to know that we greatly admire you for seeking help for your marriage.  Whether you’re needing a complete marriage overhaul or are needing specific assistance in certain areas, we are here for you and your spouse.  Normal marriage counseling can take 3-6 months and costs thousands.  Furthermore, couples inevitably find that an hour is not enough time for them to even begin to resolve issues.  This is where our marriage intensive comes to play because we devote entire days to just you and your marriage.

Couples find that our marriage intensive program is truly transformational and an incredible catalyst to finally get them going in a better or all new direction.  We believe, like you, that your marriage should be characterized by love, trust, and joy.  And we’ve found that in order to get couples unstuck and to this newfound place they both want and need, it takes more than traditional counseling.  Thus, our efforts combine both marriage counseling and experiential therapy, to help couples not only gain the information they need but to experience it and have the opportunity to put it into practice.  If you are in need of real change, our marriage intensive is for you. Contact us today to learn more or to get signed up.