Marriage Intensive

Hiking Marriage Encounter in Colorado Springs, CO

Bringing Real Hope and Change to Struggling Couples

I believe the marriage intensive was a very fruitful therapy, and definitely, it was a wonderful opportunity to give each other the gift of a new beginning to start rectifying our mutual mistakes…
Lisa, Marriage Intensive
“I just wanted to thank you for getting us back on track after many years of being “wrecked”. The time we spent with you was invaluable to both of us and it has really given us a good base going forward…” 
Danielle, Marriage Counseling
We really appreciate your insight, wisdom, counsel, and advice.  We had a fabulous weekend to re-connect and spend quality time together amidst a very busy season…Thanks for what you did for us…!”
John, Marriage Retreat



  • Enhanced Conflict Resolution Skills
  • Better Marital Communication
  • Increased Intimacy & Trust
  • Stronger Commitment
  • Quality Time
  • Sense of Peace, Joy, and Hope
  • Reconciliation and Resolution
  • Transformational Experiences
  • New Lifelong Memories


Getting Started

Deep connection.  Real trust.  Tenderness.  Intimacy.  These are all possible, and our team wants you to know that we greatly admire you for seeking help for your marriage.  Whether you’re needing a complete marriage overhaul or are needing specific assistance in certain areas, we are here for you and your spouse.  We believe, like you, that your marriage should be characterized by love, trust, and joy.

Our marriage intensives are truly unique because of both the counseling and activities we offer and how we conduct these sessions. Everything we do is purposefully designed to build your marriage while increasing your communication and intimacy. We incorporate therapy into everything we do, along with utilizing a number of experiential counseling elements and other relational activities to give couples an overall experience of a lifetime that meets their specific needs. It is this therapeutic and experiential approach that makes the difference and sets us apart as well as sets apart the couples that attend by helping them not be another statistic but to begin to develop transforming communication skills and deeply resolve their issues, while thoroughly processing their understandings of themselves and one another.  We will help you find hope and healing and assist you in growing and applying the knowledge you gain in real and practical ways.

If your marriage needs change, our marriage intensive is for you. Contact us today to learn more or make your reservation below.

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Marriage Intensive Options

4-Day Intensive

Designed to resolve one major marital issue.

5-Day Intensive

Designed to resolve multiple marital issues.

7-Day Intensive

Designed to resolve major marital issues and is taken at a slightly slower pace.

10-Day Intensive

Designed to resolve major marital issues and is taken at a slow pace.

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Short Intensive

  • 4-days

Standard Intensive

  • 5 days

Comprehensive Intensive

  • 7 days

Extended Intensive

  • 10 days

All-Inclusive Pricing Available (Click your desired intensive program to learn more)