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I believe the marriage intensive was a very fruitful therapy, and definitely, it was a wonderful opportunity to give each other the gift of a new beginning to start rectifying our mutual mistakes…
Lisa, Marriage Intensive
“I just wanted to thank you for getting us back on track after many years of being “wrecked”. The time we spent with you was invaluable to both of us and it has really given us a good base going forward…” 
Danielle, Marriage Counseling
We really appreciate your insight, wisdom, counsel, and advice.  We had a fabulous weekend to re-connect and spend quality time together amidst a very busy season…Thanks for what you did for us…!”
John, Marriage Retreat


We Have Expertise in Over a Dozen Specialties

Grow in communication, conflict resolution, trust, intimacy, passion, and more.  We deal with the full range of emotions and issues that couples face to help them find healing and resolution and hope.
Find out if your relationship is right and should move toward marriage with compatibility tests, strengths finders, personality assessments, and an entire premarital preparation course.
Find healing from past wounds and learn how to resolve conflict, while gaining the tools you need to do it effectively.
Whether you’re separated by choice or job, there are necessary steps that couples can take to make their separation a time of growth and lead toward reunion.
Infidelity is painful and confusing to say the least, but all hope is not lost.  Many couples that recover and heal from affairs are better off afterwards then they ever were before.
We help couples grow in both physical and emotional intimacy and also assist individuals who may have sexual trauma in their past or be in a current state of sexual confusion.
We assist both couples and individuals with pornography and sex addictions to help them gain complete recovery and freedom.
This is a growing issue today that can often arise from a scared sexual past, in which a person finds themselves with a real aversion to all or most things sexual.We come alongside such individuals with healing, hope, and the change they and often their spouse needs most.
When divorce happens, it hurts, and the ramifications can spread to other family members.  Therefore, it is vital to each to properly grieve, find healing, and then begin to positively move forward.

Getting Started

We know that counseling is a personal and intimate matter.  Therefore, we take great strides to protect your confidentiality.  Our therapists have been specifically trained in the above specialities and all have a Masters degree or above.  But more than this, we care about you!  We want to meet you where you are at and help you from that point to move forward.  We are dedicated to being attentive to your needs and in all our efforts to showing the utmost grace and compassion.

Get started with a free consultation to assess your needs and learn more about our confidential counseling services and our therapists.

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