Divorce Recovery Counseling

Divorce Recovery Counseling Colorado Springs

Helping you heal, grow, and recover from divorce.


I believe the marriage intensive was a very fruitful therapy, and definitely, it was a wonderful opportunity to give each other the gift of a new beginning to start rectifying our mutual mistakes…
Lisa, Marriage Intensive
“I just wanted to thank you for getting us back on track after many years of being “wrecked”. The time we spent with you was invaluable to both of us and it has really given us a good base going forward…” 
Danielle, Marriage Counseling


  • Healing and Strength
  • Increased Joy and Peace
  • Understanding and Perspective
  • Hope and Progress
  • Forgiveness
  • Freedom


While we neither accept nor bill to any insurance company directly, we do provide our clients with coded receipts that they may submit to their respective insurance company for potential reimbursement.

Getting Started

We understand that life both during and after divorce can be unstable and full of emotion for both you and your family.  With this in mind, we are here to help ease the struggle and help you and your family find the healing and hope you need to move forward.  Nobody wants to be stuck in the past, and nobody should have to be.  Let us help you make the next step of your life wonderful.  If you are in need of divorce recovery counseling, contact us today.

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