Marriage Counseling in Colorado Springs, CO

Marriage Counseling in Colorado Springs, CO






  • Better Communication
  • Increased Intimacy
  • Stronger Commitment
  • Peace and Joy


While we neither accept nor bill to any insurance company directly, we do provide our clients with coded receipts that they may submit to their respective insurance company for potential reimbursement.

Getting Started

Deep connection.  Real trust.  Tenderness.  Intimacy.  Unwavering commitment.  These are all possible, and our team of therapists want you to know that we greatly admire you for seeking to better your marriage.  Whether you’re needing a complete marriage overhaul or are needing to just reignite your passion, we can help.  We believe, like you, that you and your spouse should have a fulfilling marriage.  However, we also know that having such a marriage doesn’t just happen and isn’t a walk in the park.  Life, in-laws, finances, moving, and so much more can easily distract us and lead us astray.  This is why our marriage counseling focus centers around deep intimacy, relational protection, boundaries, emotional safety, and holistic relational well-being.

We are here for you.  If you are in need of marriage counseling, contact us today.

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“I just wanted to thank you for getting us back on track after many years of being “wrecked”. The time we spent with you was invaluable to both of us and it has really given us a good base going forward…” 
Danielle, Marriage Counseling