Couples Programs


Marriage Intensive|Couples Retreats

Our programs consist of mutilple sessions involving our marriage encounters and traditional counseling.  The following programs are designed to meet couples at the various stages of their relationship.  Whether you are not yet married or you have been married for many years, we have a program for you!

Pre-engagement Direction

Pre-engagement counseling helps couples find direction before they take the plunge.Today many couples are wanting to know if they are right for each other even before “popping the question.” If your feelings have blossomed, but you are unsure about taking the next step, then our pre-engagement counseling program is just right. (Learn More)

Premarital Preparation Rock Your Marriage offers premarital counseling and premarital advice for couples neededing direction.

We are very proud of our premarital counseling program because it is not only unique and thorough, but it is also fun, engaging, and memorable. While receiving and experiencing the best premarital counsel available and the best that Colorado has to offer, we fully expect this time to be one of the most wonderful periods of your life together. (Learn More)

Marital Reconnection

At Rock Your Marriage we help couples reconnect with marriage encounters that incorporate marriage counseling.Our marriage program is designed to make your relationship bloom again. Through growing trust, love, and intimacy, the light in your relationship will have no choice but to shine. As you experience growth and change together, your relationship will be on its way to being as solid as a rock! (Learn More)

Marriage Intensive

This marriage intensive is for struggling couples because it is designed to bring about change through experience.If your marriage is in need of a complete metamorphosis, then we strongly suggest this marriage intensive program.  It is designed to inundate you with helpful relationship tools and bring about meaningful and lasting change in your marriage. If you and your spouse need redirection, restoration, or complete renovation, then register now for our Rock Your Marriage Intensive. Trust us–you will not leave unchanged. (Learn More)