Things may not be the way we want them to be right now, but we can try to make the best of this season. Life is different, slower in some ways and busier in others. It’s definitely an opportunity for us to analyze our lives, spend our time intentionally, and make any necessary changes going forward.

It’s a great opportunity for us to invest some extra time and attention to our marriages. In the busyness of life as we knew it before COVID-19, a lot of us were constantly on the go. We felt like we didn’t have the time we wanted to devote to our spouse the way we’d like. Now is our chance to reset.

This doesn’t have to be daunting, boring or an obligation. It’s a privilege! It can be fun! It can be creative!

Here are a few of my ideas:

  • Have a state-of-your-union conversation: What’s working well? What needs to change? What do you enjoy about each other?
  • Read together: Try the Bible, devotionals, marriage books or an intriguing novel.
  • Watch a marriage series or Bible study together
  • Listen to a fun podcast
  • Plan a vacation for when travel is up and running again.
  • Pull out old photos or videos and have fun taking a trip down memory lane.
  • Get outside together: Take a walk, hike or bike ride together.
  • Serve one another: Take turns cooking meals, cleaning up, and handling the children’s needs. Give your spouse the opportunity to take a break.
  • Play a game: Cards, board games, and puzzles are a great way to spend time together.
  • Make physical intimacy a priority: Have fun and enjoy this aspect of your marriage.
  • Have a date night: Maybe you can’t go anywhere, but you can create a special date in your house. Have a candlelight dinner and “go” to a movie in your living room. Sit in the backyard and look at the stars.
  • Try something new: Ballroom dancing, cooking, crafting or gardening are great activities for a couple. Look up tutorials online and have fun working at a new skill together.

 What ideas do you have for investing in your marriage during our extended time at home?