Snowshoeing Experience


I believe the marriage intensive was a very fruitful therapy, and definitely, it was a wonderful opportunity to give each other the gift of a new beginning to start rectifying our mutual mistakes…
Lisa, Marriage Intensive
“I just wanted to thank you for getting us back on track after many years of being “wrecked”. The time we spent with you was invaluable to both of us and it has really given us a good base going forward…” 
Danielle, Marriage Counseling
We really appreciate your insight, wisdom, counsel, and advice.  We had a fabulous weekend to re-connect and spend quality time together amidst a very busy season…Thanks for what you did for us…!”
John, Marriage Retreat



  • Relational Stability
  • Relational Strength
  • Increased Intimacy
  • Enhanced Teamwork

Getting Started

There are survival techniques used by the pros to allow them to get through even the toughest storms at the highest elevations.  The same techniques, tweaked just a bit, also help couples get through any circumstances they may face.  In this exciting event, your relationship will grow tremendously through experiential learning and time-tested analogies that will amaze you at how applicable and practical they are to your current relational situation.  Learn how to weather the storms of life together!  If you want to take part in this exciting encounter, contact us today.

All our services are confidential and personalized to your needs.  We have both private and group experiences.  Learn more about the benefits of experiential counseling on our “About Us” page.

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