“Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.”

1 Thessalonians 5:11 NIV

We all have the innate need to feel loved and supported. But with life’s urgent demands, it’s easy to neglect meeting this need in our spouse and other loved ones. Time goes by and before we know it, it’s been months since we last remember going out of our way to encourage our spouse.

How often do you encourage your spouse? Do you speak uplifting words to him? Do you support her in work and personal life?

Let’s be our spouse’s biggest cheerleader in life and encourage and support them in all their endeavors. Here are a few creative and practical ways that can help us do this:

  1. Speak their love language: In case you missed it, we’ve run a post about this before (click here). It’s important for us to speak our spouse’s primary love language so that they will understand and receive the love and encouragement we’re trying to give. This doesn’t mean that you can’t express love or encouragement in another way, but knowing your spouse’s love language will help you think about their perspective and how to meet their unique needs.
  2. Use your calendar: When you know your spouse has an important meeting or function, write it down so that you can ask about it as it approaches and after it happens. If you use a digital calendar, set an alert or reminder on a regular basis that will help you make a habit out of encouraging your spouse.
  3. Create an “I Love You Because” board: For Christmas one year, I bought a frame and put decorative scrapbook paper in it that matches the décor in our bedroom. I found alphabet stickers to put on the paper that spell out “I Love You Because…” and gave it to my husband for Christmas, along with a dry erase marker. We have the board hanging in our room and we regularly write little notes to each other on it. It helps us both express appreciation and encouragement to one another.
  4. Write notes of encouragement: These days, there’s so much power in a handwritten note. It shows you intentionally carved out the time to sit down and write something to your spouse. Not only will your words encourage your spouse in the moment, but that note will likely serve as an encouragement in the future, as they can save it and look back on it from time to time. Buy a pack of notecards and write a note and put it in your husband’s briefcase or on your wife’s pillow. Try to write him/her a card on a regular basis.
  5. Find an encouraging Bible verse to pray over your spouse: Years ago, I read Psalm 20 and it spoke to me as something I should pray over my husband. In addition to doing that, I also wrote it down and gave it to him to put in his office. When he needs an extra dose of encouragement, I will text it to him. As you spend time reading the Bible, see if you can find a verse that will be a special encouragement to your spouse.