I hope you had a great Thanksgiving! If you haven’t thought about it yet, it’s time to think about Christmas presents. I’ve finished up most of my shopping, but still have a few things to get. As I sat and looked over my list of who to buy presents for, I see that I still need to buy something for my husband. I have something in mind, but it got me brainstorming on some gift ideas to share with you. I was in a creative mood, so I came up with an acrostic, just for fun.

C: Cologne, camera, coat, cosmetics, cufflinks or anything chocolate.

H: Hire him/her some help. Hire someone to clean the house, organize the closets or detail the car. Or hire an instructor for lessons of some kind, like golf or ballroom dancing. (Just a note of caution: some women might not like house cleaning as a Christmas gift, so be sure you know your spouse on this one. Honey, if you’re reading, I wouldn’t mind it at all!)

R: Reading material, like books or magazines. If your budget allows, go more high-tech and gift an e-reader or tablet.

I: Images or illustrations for their wall or desk, ice cream, ink (in the form of a nice pen) or an island getaway.

S: Stocking stuffers (gift cards, their favorite candy, jewelry, wallet, socks, a necktie, etc.)

T: Tickets (concert, theater or airline for a fun getaway).

M: A massage, manicure or a full day at the spa.

A: Apparel they’ve been wanting. Guys usually enjoy apparel for sports or hunting. Ladies enjoy clothes in general, especially shoes.

S: Something else they’ve really been wanting.

It’s possible to buy meaningful and thoughtful gifts for your spouse, no matter the budget. Creativity and effort often go a lot farther than money. Leave a comment and let us know if you have any other fun ideas on gifts to give your spouse this Christmas. Happy shopping!