Matt Bomar, Life Coach

Matt Bomar is a personality and purpose life coach and founder of Mint for More, LLC. Matt has two bachelor’s degrees, including B.A. in Biblical Studies from Oklahoma Christian University and a B.A. in History from the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs. Matt is also near completion of an M.S. in Leadership from San Diego Christian College where his thesis focuses on church disengagement and how life coaching can serve to grow Christ-followers in holistic development. A lifelong learner, Matt has also studied at the Townsend Institute at Concordia University at Irvine where he attained a Competency and Character Growth Model certification. Matt has several other certifications unique to life coaching. He is a Board Certified Life Coach candidate with the American Association of Christian Counselors as well as a Certified Brain Health Coach with Amen Clinics, holds a Level 1 Gottman Method certified, and a Level 1 Emotionally-Focused Individual Therapy certification.

In founding Mint for More, Matt desires to coach others in the restorative hope and love of Jesus Christ. Matt believes that humanity began in mint condition, yet The Fall brought sin, which makes us less than what we were created to be. Each of us fight tendencies in which we lose ourselves and our purpose. But because of the Cross we serve a God of complete restoration and in His grand design He seeks to restore us back to mint condition and give us more than what we believe is possible. We each have a unique personality and character structure designed by God and shaped by our experiences. Our sin and that of others causes our personalities to become hard and inflexible and we become fixed in our thought patterns, core beliefs, perspectives, relationships, meaning, and most importantly our view of God. However, God has designed us to be pliable so that we can be restored back to our created condition and live an abundant life (John 10:10) here on earth that He promised. In doing so we become more by the way we express our unique personalities, creativity, and gifts for the purpose of increasing His Kingdom. We are meant to enjoy loving and engaging relationships. We are meant to be confident in our identity, own our values, beliefs and choices, and maintain healthy boundaries. We are meant to navigate the sinful realities in ourselves and others through the wondrous grace of Jesus Christ. And we are meant to live out our purpose that He has uniquely gifted us. We are Mint for More!

Matt is a (proud) native Texan yet loves calling Colorado Springs home with his wife and two children. When not involved for Mint for More you can find him at Coors Field soaking in the greatest game on earth or at the movie theater watching the latest incredible story from Marvel Studios. Matt dreams of working with his wife in their own counseling and coaching practice healing and growing families someday.

Jordan Hall
Life Coach (Flex Rate = $100/hr)


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