Everyone loves a good love story. Music, movies, and literature have documented them for thousands of years.

Recently I’ve been reading through The Little House on the Prairie series again and I forgot how the last several books document Laura Ingalls’ love story with her husband, Almanzo Wilder. It’s so sweet and I’m loving it.

As the years go by in marriage, we can get so busy living our day-to-day lives that sometimes we forget to look back and cherish our own love story with our spouse. Romantic details can easily be forgotten when there are loads of laundry, children to care for, and bills to pay. The mundane can overshadow the magical sparks that started our relationship.

With Valentine’s Day approaching, wouldn’t it be fun to walk down memory lane with your spouse and remember your love story?

Here are a few suggestions:

A picture’s worth a thousand words: Instead of watching another show on Netflix or scrolling social media, make it a date night to look at old photos. Talk about how you met, dates, and details.

Relive your wedding: Watch your wedding video and pull our your wedding album. Make it fun and if you still have your wedding clothes handy, put them on for fun. A friend of mine did this for her anniversary last year. Because of the pandemic in their area, they couldn’t go out for a fancy celebration, so they had a fancy celebration at home. If you still have your wedding champagne flutes, pull them out and use them.

Capture your memories: Sometimes we don’t think we’ll forget things about our love story, but we do. Take time to document details of the past. Print out photos on your phone and make an album. Jot down what you’ve done to celebrate past Valentine’s Day or anniversaries. What amazing things have you done together? How have you grown in your relationship? How was God shown up in your marriage?

This Valentine’s Day, let’s go deeper than the traditional chocolate and roses and let’s remember and our love stories in a special way. As we do, let’s give thanks to God and remember 1 John 4:19, “We love because he first loved us.”