Rest and Relief: Relaxing and Prioritizing in a Crazy World

Time to put the focus back on the two of you!


Has stress replaced joy?  Are you being pulled in every direction and feel like you never have enough time?  Well, it’s time then to focus on you, and it’s time to focus on your marriage.  We will teach you and your spouse how to relax, rightly prioritize your life, and once again enjoy one another! In today’s busy world it can often be hard just to even make time for one another.  In being a part of our non-stop culture, we too have had to learn how to build margin into our lives. One of the first things in every marriage is taking care of you, so you may better take care of your spouse, family, etc.  Come for a time of rest, relief, and relaxation and experience each other without distraction!

*All experiences are customizable to meet your needs and abilities as a couple*

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