These days, date nights and weekend getaways with your spouse may be difficult to come by because of COVID-19. I know of several friends who had big anniversary trips overseas planned that were eventually canceled because of the virus. There have been a lot of disappointments this year and our big plans and celebrations just aren’t what we thought they would look like.

While our big plans and celebrations are wonderful parts of life, they aren’t the only things that are important. The many ordinary moments of our lives define our relationships and make up most of our memories.

Someday we’ll be back to grand plans and more extravagant ways of spending time with our spouse, but for now, we can still build our relationship in simple ways every day. Here are some suggestions:

  • Make coffee and deliver to them in bed.
  • Make their favorite breakfast or treat.
  • Leave love notes in the car, on the bathroom mirror or on their nightstand.
  • Perform a chore you don’t ordinarily do that you know your spouse would appreciate.
  • Have a movie night and let your spouse pick the movie. Make popcorn and buy their favorite candy.
  • Buy them a simple gift, like a new book or t-shirt, just because.
  • Offer to take the kids to the park so your spouse can have some quiet time alone.
  • Go for a walk together and hold hands.
  • Put the phone away for the evening and focus on time together.
  • Arrange for a sitter and go out to dinner. Or pick up takeout from your favorite spot and have a picnic outside or on the living room carpet.

Love doesn’t have to be extravagant, sometimes it’s the simple ways we show love that can mean that most. COVID-19 may have changed our lives temporarily, but we can still celebrate ordinary life and be intentional about investing in our marriages.

What other suggestions do you have for simple ways to show love to your spouse?