Taylor-Johnson Temperament Analysis

The T-JTA serves as a great criss-cross analysis of couple’s and family member’s temperaments and dynamics. This analysis is attained through each person rating both themselves and their spouse or family member on 9 different opposing temperament categories. It is a helpful analysis for understanding and interpreting dynamic patterns between couples or families and is a helpful tool in discovering specific temperamental issues affecting oneself or family.



Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

The MBTI looks at how a person perceives, experiences, and interprets the world around them. It focuses on motivations and interactions, decision-making, processing styles, and perception styles and abilities. It is helpful in understanding oneself and how they best relate to others and the world around them. It is equally helpful in understanding your spouse or family member regarding how they perceive and interpret themselves, others, and their experiences.



Millon Clinical Muli-axial Inventory

The MCMI serves as a cross dimensional inventory on a wide range of clinical issues including but not limited to generalized clinical disorders (anxiety, depression, etc.), substance abuse problems, personality disorders (borderline, narcissism, etc.), as well as other psychological and psycho-social matters such as thought disorders and dissociative disorders. It is a valuable psychometric inventory for clients with clinical concerns or those with current or previous diagnoses.



Prepare-Enrich Couples Assessment

This assessment is one of the top-rated couples assessment in America for both premarital and marital couples.  It is used for preparing couples for marriage or for enhancing the relationships of already married couples.  There are several different versions available to meet your specific needs as a couple. Standard, Check-up, Parenting, and Pre-Adoption/Pre-Foster Care