To start things off, I figure introductions are appropriate–not professional introductions but personal/relational ones. (If you want to know more about me professionally, just check out the “About Us” page.)
So, my name is Jordan Hall, and my lovely wife is Kelsey.  We grew up in New Mexico, and, interestingly enough, have known each other since we were children. (As you may surmise, there are advantages and disadvantages to this scenario.)  Our friendship started growing when Kelsey was about 16 or 17 years of age (Go figure, huh?  I’m a guy, and I’m about four years older than her.)  Moving on…

We began seriously dating when she was 19. (For our 1st date we went to the Melting Pot–yummy!)  Another fun fact is we had our first kiss after watching King Kong (very romantic…I know).  Anyway, I want to interject here and get a little personal.  One of the key things we strive for at Rock Your Marriage is making lifelong memories, so I guess I should share one of ours…

I was attending The Citadel, in Charleston, S.C., and the big annual hop dance was coming up.  Naturally, Kelsey flew out for the weekend.  (There’s an interesting story that goes along with this, but we’ll get to that another time.)  We had a marvelous time at the dance.  She was wearing a beautiful red dress; we slow danced to “Wonderful Tonight” by Eric The Rock Your Marriage relationship blog shows the good and bad of our marriage.Clapton–it was like a dream.  Then we went back to our house to hang out with the rest of the dance crew.  Pretty soon everyone else was sleeping, but Kelsey and I stayed up talking all night.  Then just before sunrise we went out to the beach.  It was cool out, so I let her wear my hoodie as we walked along the shore.  We stopped at a beautiful spot and watched the most gorgeous sunrise I have ever seen. (Of course, Kelsey probably had some influence on this.)  It was at this point, with our toes in the sand while watching an ocean sunrise, that I knew she was the one I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. (I wish I had sealed the deal with a kiss.) But, not by accident, it was at this same spot two years later that I did seal the deal with a drop to one knee and a diamond ring.  This time the event occurred at sunset; I figured since we started things out at sunrise that it was only right to seal things up at sunset (kind of a beginning-to-end theme The Rock Your Marriage relationship blog show Jordan and Kelsey's relationship as authentically as possible.I was trying to set for our life together).

Well, that’s the beginning of our marriage in a nutshell.  It sure does bring back some good memories to think about those days.  As you remember the beginning of your marriage or maybe, for some, look forward to its beginning, I encourage you to actively pursue making lifelong memories–they sure do come in handy during the rougher times.

I would love to hear about your memorable relationship moments or even dreams you may have that haven’t come to pass yet.  Let’s continue to actively pursue good memories: they can make a big difference, but you have to make them!