The very simple thing about running a business that many businesses miss is that doing it right means relating to people in the best way possible. It’s about motivating their work ethic, rewarding their success, and improving their weakness; helping them invest part of their soul in your success.

Any successful businessman knows that accomplishing these goals are synonymous with accomplishing the mission of the organization. Without an investment into the people, everything will be called into question.

Marriage is like a business. The business of marriage exists to accomplish a mission.

That mission is relationship.

The mission is reminding your spouse that the struggle of relationship is worth the payoff: closer connection.

Here are 3 essentials:

1. Rewarding your spouse’s overcoming of obstacles or making personal sacrifices to improve the overall relationship.

2. Supporting your spouse in overcoming their area of personal weakness and accepting their assistance when you are weak.

3. Relationship is actually the foundation of every social system on this earth. It is all oriented around one purpose: to provide a path to relationship.


Smartphones literally connect millions of people together seamlessly. Skyscrapers are beautiful and strong, and efficient at providing people a venue for the exchange of productive ideas. Music moves people’s souls to great love and purpose. Philosophy and debate encourage humans to think together, solve problems, and have constructive conflict to improve society.

Likewise, your marriage provides the opportunity for relational creativity to build great things. It’s intimacy can foster trust and selflessness. Your home can show love and care for people. The harmony of two partners’ duet can resonate in the lives of everyone they touch.

The goal of great business is not just to tolerate each other; it’s to come together to create something beautiful, provide solutions, and excel at serving people in an extraordinary way.

And the goal of a great marriage is the same.


Get to work!


Love, Marc