According to, 80 percent of weddings happen between the months of May-October, so we’re officially in wedding season! Prior to 2018, I had not attended a wedding in a few years, but this year I have three weddings on my calendar! My wedding anniversary is also in June, so I’ve been thinking about gift ideas for the occasion.

It’s customary to buy gifts on a couple’s wedding registry or use the traditional anniversary gift list, but if you’re looking for something a little more out of the box, consider these unique ideas:

Personalized Gifts: For a few previous weddings we’ve celebrated, we gifted the couples with a personalized cutting board or a sign with their last name and wedding date. I purchased them through You can find lots of great ideas on

Cutco Knives: When my husband was in college, he worked as a representative selling these knives. They are pricier than what you’ll find at a retailer, but they are high quality and come with a forever guarantee. Since he sold the knives and had a demonstration set, we’ve been blessed to have Cutco in our kitchen since we were married. Good knives make such a difference.

Groceries: Many young newlywed couples come in to marriage with a lot of debt after being poor college students. A friend I know said someone gifted them with twelve gift cards, one for each month, of a set amount to a local grocery store. She said it was so thoughtful and definitely helped in that financially-lean first year of marriage. Another related gift idea is a membership with a gift card to Costco or Sam’s Club for a year or two.

Restaurant and Entertainment Gift Cards: Married couples of any duration can always stand to have a night out, but sometimes finances prevent it from happening frequently. Buy gift cards to various restaurants, movie theaters, performing arts centers, museums, etc., to give your loved ones a special night out. If the couple has children, you might include some money for a babysitter or offer to babysit if you live nearby.

Datebox: I’ve not personally tried this subscription-based service, but I have a friend who has and she and her husband really enjoyed it. Because of her great experience, we gifted a subscription to the couple whose wedding we attended in January. Every month you receive a kit for unique dates, either at home or in select major cities, you can get boxes for dates on the town. Examples include a paint night, where the box includes art supplies. Or a salsa dancing lesson. It’s important for couples to have fun together and Datebox provides some creative ideas.

A Marriage Counseling Check Up: A lot of issues come up in any given year of marriage, but the first year is an adjustment in many ways. Marriage counseling is such a great investment in a marriage. It’s great to talk about small issues before they become big issues. And even if a marriage is good, there’s always room for improvement. You can book a session or a marriage retreat with Rock Your Marriage here. 

What was your favorite wedding or anniversary gift? For my bridal shower, my grandma gifted me with a notebook of her handwritten recipes. It’s so special to me! My favorite anniversary gift my husband gave me was on our tenth anniversary, it was a heart-shaped necklace with ten small diamonds.

I’d love to hear any other wedding and anniversary gift ideas you have, leave a comment below.